Decorative mineral

Mineral pigmented mortar polirémico single component with a minimum thickness of 5 mm, a variety of colors, finishes, gloss, satin, matte, ideal for decorative continuous pavements in hotels, homes, restaurants, malls, showrooms, over existing surfaces such as: concrete, ceramic, self-leveling.

Trentok Matter

System functional and decorative pavement based resins with mineral fillers selected integrated low content of volatile substances to create custom surfaces with movement, color and special effects that play with light creating new foam, high resistance in only 3 mm residential, commercial, bathrooms and kitchens

Multilayer Floorings

Epoxy, methacrylate or polyurethane resin-based floorings with mineral loads, multicolour or single colour pigmented quartz, applied in three layers over concrete or other substrates, with non-slip characteristics, with an average thickness of 3 to 4 mm.


  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Impermeable to steam and oils
  • Abrasion resistance

Frequent use:

  • Food and drink industry, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and electrical industry
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Heavy and high demand traffic
  • Restaurants



Self-levelling Flooring

Flooring made from epoxy or polyurethane resins with mineral loads, with a flat appearance, with glossy or satin finish, available in RAL colours. With an average thickness of 3 to 4 mm.


  • Prestigious aesthetic appearance
  • Impermeable to steam and oils, easy to clean
  • High resistance to chemical agents
  • Prevents the formation of dust
  • No joints

Frequent use:

  • Shops
  • Workshops
  • Civil use
  • Schools and offices
  • Showrooms
  • Car parks



Non-slip Floorings

Epoxy resin-based floorings with mineral loads, ideal for thicknesses of between 50 and 200 microns. Available in RAL colours.


  • Non-slip
  • Impermeable to steam and oils
  • No joints

Frequent use:

  • Light traffic industries
  • Food industry
  • Cold rooms
  • Car parks

Conductive Floorings

Epoxy resin floorings in 4 layers, conductor of electricity on different types of substrate. Average thickness of 3 to 5 mm, available in several colours.


  • Conductor of electricity
  • Abrasion resistant
  • No joints

Areas of use:

  • Operating theatres
  • X-rays
  • White rooms
  • Storage of dangerous materials
  • Hangars




System for the rehabilitation of outdoor or semi-covered floors. Used in seaside areas where chlorines and salts attack the concrete, warehouses, outdoor car parks, abrasion resistant for normal or heavy traffic


Low thickness system for new surfaces or the different types of substrate used in construction and which need to be rehabilitated, areas of vehicular or pedestrian traffic where fast application is required.

Mechanical surface treatment e.g. Milling

Fast application for heavy traffic

System for new floors or rehabilitation of existing floors that need high mechanical strength and resistance to chemical attack.

Used in: wineries, loading and unloading bays, warehouses and garages.

For application in 24 hours.

Fast-setting system with good flatness and strength for any final covering or for those cases in which the floor does not have the necessary persistence or flatness.

For wooden substrates

PLP system with additives and fibres ideal for the rehabilitation of floors where it is not necessary to remove the existing wooden flooring.

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